Favorite Housewife

Hey People! As you can tell one of my favorite reality show is The Real Housewives franchise series.  Here's my list of my favorite housewives of each city. What's yours?

Gretchen- because she doesn't try to act perfect which is good for tv.
Kim- I like the way she holds her own when everyone wants to attack her
Ramona- because she says the darnest things
Teresa- because her crazy butt flip the table over...lol

And The Winner is....

Congratulations Julianna you are the winner of the contest!  Julianna was randomly drawn and declared the winner of the contest.  I really appreciate you all for participating in my 1st Giveaway and as a thank you, I have decided last minute to send all other participants a little gift. :)

No Sense of Direction

Last night, I had a conversation with a friend about how does one tell North, South, East, West.  Before this conversation, I assume people knew their location based on landmarks, street location, or the sun. I was really surprise and intrigued when he told me it was based on a "knowing" like a magnetic sense.  Now I wonder, am I the only one who have no sense of direction and how do one become aware of this magnetic sense? 

Make-Some-Friends Giveaway

I'm new to the blogging world and I want to gain some friends/follower, therefore,  I've decided to have my first give-a-way to meet new people.  I've enjoyed my experience on the few blogs I visited and I hope you all enjoy your time here. I've decided to name this blog something other then my business- ecinre.com because I want to join this community as a woman & a friend and not only as a promoter. ... So ladies, let's say cheers to A New YearNew BlogNew FriendsNew Adventures and New GIVE-A-WAY!

Giveaway open to US & Canada residents only.
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Contest Ends January 16, 2010 11pm Eastern Time  ...GOOD LUCK!

I Love You!

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